Reading for a Cause

What’s better than curling up with a good book and a glass of wine?  How about having a sofa, a kitchen, walls, and a secure roof over them all.

Locals now has a couple of shelves of donated books on sale for $5 each--the proceeds of which go to North Sonoma County Services (, an organization which helps people struggling with homelessness in Northern Sonoma County to rebuild their lives.  Rents in Sonoma County are in perpetual escalation and homelessness rates have increased 140% in the last two years alone.

If you’re planning a trip to Locals why not scan your own shelves to see if you have any books you’d like to bring with you, or just peruse our selection when you’re here.  While we all enjoy the bounty Sonoma County offers--dinners at nice restaurants with fine local wines, and a warm, dry home to return to, please spare a thought for--and consider a contribution to assist--the more than 200 people sleeping outside in Healdsburg, Geyserville and Cloverdale.

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