It takes a lot of Starbucks to produce a bottle of wine

Everyday I read that more coffee is better; at most, 1.5 cups is max. More early in the morning makes you live two years longer. Not sure what to believe. All I know is its a ritual in my life. I even think that it could be poor man's Ritalin. Yup! With my adult attention disorder not only is coffee something that makes me more attentive, but I can sleep while I'm on coffee. Anyway. What I am trying to say is that first cup of coffee in the morning starts out the day to possibly be The Best Day Ever.

I like coffee so much that sometime it just sits in the cup holder and I don't even touch it. But here is the kicker is that I never throw it out. I just keep drinking it. Cold. Hot. Whatever. It all tastes like shit. The only coffee I really like is a nice little espresso. Yup an espresso. Sometimes a macchiato. But only if one knows what a macchiato is. It's the size and how little milk is in it. In fact it's just a dollop of foam. Yes sir neither one if these drinks even an cappuccino comes in sizes. That doesn't exist. Sir, would you like a small medium or large one if these. If that's the question you probably shouldn't order anything.

Yup if I'm not managing vineyards I am being a coffee aficionado.

Blue Bottle is one of my favorites. There are not to many places that have it though. Diavola does. Try it you might like it.

Today I did drink a lot of coffee and I was so tired I went in the drive through at Starbucks and ordered a venti green iced tea. And forgot to roll down my Window and place my order. I pull up to the window and said. I forgot to order. Sorry. Damn I am sleep deprived. I hope tomorrow I don't pull through a drive through and want a coffee and its a sandwich shop or something.

Anyways. Time for sleep. I start the Paul Hobbs harvest at 11 pm tonight.


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