It’s OK to be Crabby

For those seafood lovers that follow the Locals Blog, I thought I would put out the idea that this is the perfect time of year to be Crabby. As you know we are nearing the end of the commercial crab season here in Northern California. It is still not too late to drive to Bodega Bay and buy crabs right off the dock as the fishermen come in from a day of crabbing in the cold waters or stop by your favorite supermarket and local markets to purchase fresh crab anywhere in Northern California.

Here at locals as you know we have a selection of over 53 great wines from ten award winning vintners, which will grow even more as we add Kitfox vineyards to our family in the coming weeks (keep your eyes out for more on that). A few of my favorites to pair with a fresh crab dinner are as follows. Praxis Viognier is a steal at $19.00 a bottle retail and $16.50 or $15.20 for two bottle and six bottle club members respectively. Floral and citrus scents followed by honeysuckle, jasmine and pear notes with a hint of Ginger pair wonderfully with Crab. Next is a great Spanish varietal the Albarino from Eric Ross which imparts characters of lychee, apricot, peaches and tangerine with clean bright acidity. The Albarino sells for $25.00 retail and $21.25 or $20.00 respectively for the two bottle or three bottle club members. Try a bottle of Albarino with fresh cracked crab or with cold crab claws in a light Myer Lemon aioli. Last of my three but not least is The Choir from Saracina vineyards which is a blend of 70% Roussanne grapes and 30% Viognier grapes that create complex notes of orange blossoms, Asian pear, ginger and jasmine. The Choir sells for $20.00 retail and $17.00 or $16.00 for two bottle and six bottle club members respectively. Sipping on The Choir will be music to your ears as you and friends feast on the last of the fresh crab this season while enjoying the best Sonoma County has to offer in foods and wines. The balance of each of these wines makes them very versatile at the table but especially great with Crab. Hey for those Locals faithful not in Northern California, we also can ship these wines to you, your friends and family to enjoy all over this great country of ours so enjoy and get crabby with the rest of us.

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