It’s Spring. Come to Geyserville

Spring has arrived in Geyserville along with budbreak on the vines and the promise of more great wines to come, Geyserville has plenty of things you might want to see, taste and or visit. We have a new park being built right in downtown Geyserville in the main intersection right across from Locals Tasting Room so keep an eye out for a great new spot to picnic or people watch between wine tastings. Perdita Productions, the gallery right next door to Locals has some great examples of Peter Colosky’s work on display currently and as always Diavola and Catelli’s restaurants are offering some great meals. Geyserville Vintage is a great place to shop and get pulled back in time as well as to get good deals on items from the past. Need a cup of coffee before hitting the road, stop at Geyserville mud and load up. Cheers

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