La Pisca

The harvest. I just can't get enough. Well maybe I can. We are only two weeks in and everybody is starting to feel it. I see it. Sometimes I'm driving down the road and wonder where am I?  Sometimes nearing hallucinations. These picking crews we have are awesome. I'm not sure if any body knows how much hard work really goes into a glass of wine. I will go over this topic, furthering my thoughts later in the season. I don't even think that people anymore know where anything comes from. Does it all come from behind those double swinging doors in the shopping center?

Yup that's where it comes from.

Well not really. My goal in life is to further educate our population that has been so removed from reality. It's terrible. Shit you not only do most think everything originates behind those double swinging doors, but does anybody even teach there kids how to cook, can goods? Dehydrate? Nothing. It's all video. Hi tech. Fake. Games. That's where it's going.

Well if anyone is interested on attending a harvest come on out. Give a shot at just picking forty pounds. It's a lot. We hand pick in one night with twelve people. Around 10-15 tons. Now that's a lot of grapes.


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