Rosé Springs into Season

It’s spring and that means get out the Rosés. Here at Locals we have a flight of 4 to tempt you with. The first is a brand new SPARKLING Rosé of Pinot Noir from the folks at Treasure Hunter Wines. Because they wanted a try Cava they went all the way to Spain to source this one. So far pretty much everyone who has tried it has bought a couple bottles because one is just not enough. Line this one up with the Praxis Rosé, Pendleton Rosé, Peterson Rosé and the William Gordon Rosé and you have quite a fun flight.

While our customer’s perception is often that the Rosés will be sweet... these are crisp and dry with nice acidity. Imagine yourself on a picnic in the country and you've got the idea. Now all you need is to swing by for the wine.

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