Monthly Archives: June 2011

A new recipe from our friend and Locals Club Member Dan Kreppein

  Meat-I get all my meat at Costco.  The ribs are great and un-enhanced, meaning they don’t get soaked in a brine solution which can make pork taste really salty, especially if you use a rub with a lot of salt in it.  I usually get between a 5-8 lb brisket in the cryovac package. …
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Saying Goodbye to Ramazzotti Winery

I noticed Ramazotti isn't in the stable any longer. They set up their own tasting room and club, eh? Darn! I looked at Portalupi after they went solo, the prices were too high, same with some of the others that have left. I hope RZ doesn't do the same. I'm also glad I ordered some…
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