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Do you work in the wine industry and have a million spare corks lying around? Or will you be going wine tasting soon? Ask the tasting rooms to give you their corks! They are FREE. We like free things. Below are a few great, quick, and easy ideas for making use of your corks. Corkboard:…
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Stay hydrated this summer!

It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Water is the ideal beverage that is refreshing, yet has no calories! So why not try easy infused water recipes to make water more appealing. With summer just around the corner, check out these quick water recipes to try at home!  …
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Seattle Meets Sonoma County

As a Seattleite with numerous West Coast amenities at her disposal—gorgeous topography, picturesque beaches, a necklace of mountains, and three prominent wine regions mere hours away—it’s been hard to justify a trip to California specifically to drink wine. That changed when my friend from Los Angeles called me to coordinate a girls’ wine getaway with…
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