Monthly Archives: September 2014

Prickly Pear

Have you ever eaten prickly pear?. If you have not, you should consider it next time you see them at the farmer's market, prickly pear is a cactus with jointed stems and oval flattened segments, having barbed bristles and large pear-shaped, prickly fruits. This fruit is fruit is very common in Mexico which is known as "tuna",…
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Week 4…Harvest 2014 – We Have WINE!

We have WINE! The first fruit, Pinot noir, to come into the winery has now evolved into wine! I noticed that the cap of grape skins was falling on a small fermenter yesterday morning. By the end of the day it was completely submerged and we had wine. It tastes very fresh, with tart cranberry…
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Week 3…Harvest 2014

A thrilling and exhausting week it was! I had some of my first 10 hour days and we saw the first obvious signs that fermentation has begun. Harvest is a big, messy chaos of receiving and processing fruit, managing fermenting fruit, cleaning incessantly, and still dealing with all the other daily tasks of a small…
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