Frequently asked questions while tasting wine at Locals.


Would you pour us your favorite wine?  (does not matter because it likely won’t be theirs)

Are you Australian? (This of Richard, who is clearly British)

How much does it cost to taste and how many tastes do we get? (It’s free so go crazy but if you don’t buy we will talk smack about you when you leave)

Do you ship? (Yup, but usually not to the felony states)

Is there a gas station in town? (No not for the past 80 some years)

What’s going on with the old post office? (Ask Hal Hinkle)

What is the deal with the park?  (It’s a visual nightmare and no one really knows. We have named it Tsunami Park)

Are you dog friendly? (If your dog is friendly then we are)

Where are the Geysers? (There are none)

What’s the population of Geyserville? (Well the sign says 1600 but the sign has not changed in 100 years)

May I join your wine club? (Happens occasionally)

What is the best restaurant in town? (The one that brings us free food)

Who makes the best cocktail in town? (The bartender that brings us free cocktails)

What’s going on with the old tractor place across the street? (Zero. Ask Ken Wilson)

How did you get the bottles into the display behind the bar? (Stuck them through the wall to Diavola next door)

Are there any other tasting rooms in town? (No, just us)