It’s the 1920’s and its Sunday morning breakfast time. You’re 5 years old and Mom’s making your favorite – waffles! The only thing that could make the morning better is if you could make waffles too. Mom has a surprise for you. With the help of the Stover Company, you can make waffles just like Mom!

Enter the Stover Junior #8 waffle iron. It’s like Mom’s but sized just for you. This waffle iron makes little 3 ½ inch diameter waffles on the stove top just like the “grown up” one. Like the box says “Makes Waffles Just Like Mother Makes”

Stover Junior Waffle Iron

So, you help Mom make the waffle batter and spoon a little into your hot waffle iron, just like Mom and before you know it you’ve made your own waffle! Better make a bunch of these because two bites and it’ll be gone.

Cast Iron Waffle Makers

This is going to be the best Sunday ever!