If you want to know how incredible the quality and variety of wines are at Locals Tasting Room, just know that they were the ONLY wine club that I kept though the 2009 recession.  By far, this is the best tasting room I have ever experienced and I give it my highest recommendation.  The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, and quite frequently one or more of the winemakers are at the tasting room to give you their personal touch.

I will admit, I discovered Locals almost accidentally.  I was already in my favorite region for tasting, Dry Creek, when we happened to cross the freeway and stumble upon the "one-stop-sign" town of Geyserville.  Well, perhaps there were a few more stop signs in town, but I never saw them, because the one that mattered was right in front of Locals Tasting Room.  It immediately caught my eye, so we parked and walked in.

Upon entering, you'll notice that the wine bar is gorgeous and the room is tastefully adorned throughout.   There is also a selection of fun items for sale, though the focus is clearly, as it should be, on the wine.

Unlike most wineries, even those who produce a large variety, because Locals pours from multiple wineries, the wines that available for tasting run the full gamut of varietals and styles.  In fact, there were more than 50 wines from nine producers available when I was last there.  Locals focuses on smaller winemakers, so you get the benefit of small, hand-crafted batches without paying the boutique price.  I would say, on average, that prices at Locals are also lower than comparable wines at the same high level of quality.

And one of the best things about joining the wine club is the variety.  While I do have a penchant for Zins and Italian-style wines, I have no doubt that there is something for everyone's palate at Locals.  In fact, there are at least one or two wines from each of the producers that I would rate as outstanding, including both whites and reds.  You're more than welcome to message me though Yelp should you have any questions.

And there are also two excellent restaurants, Catelli's and Diavola, on the same block, which makes Locals the perfect destination around lunch time, or at the end of your tasting day.  Overall, this is my absolute favorite place to taste wine and I highly recommend you make your way there soon!

Berkeley, CA

Came in last weekend to taste Bodkin Wine's, which is now being poured there. I think this is a great place to get lots of different tastings from a variety of smaller production wineries. If you're in the area of Geyserville definitely stop in and do a tasting. One thing I really liked about Local's is that they allow dogs. Next time I'll definitely be bringing my lab.

Santa Rosa, CA

They have a wide selection of local and regional wines. The easy going environment contributes to take your time to find the best wine that suits you. They can ship you the wines you want, order them online or even sign up to receive random bottles every three months. The wines have great quality and the owners are down to earth.

Carson, CA