Welcome to our Artists Page

At Locals Tasting Room we like to support local artists by showing their work and making it available to you for sale. I believe that the arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. They help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. When times are tough, the arts are salve for the ache.

Please enjoy our exhibits both in person and online. And be sure to have a yummy glass of wine to go along with the experience. No commissions are taken on work sold through Locals.

Mae Blackmore


The iconic images of old western history have inspired twenty-seven year old artist, Mae Blackmore, from a very young age. She was initially drawn in by the southern canyon silhouettes, the dry vegetation, and the unrelenting wildlife. In her youth, her grandfather became terminally ill, moved to the desolate mountains of New Mexico and Mae visited in the summers. During this time, her grandfather helped deepen her love for the old west through Hollywood westerns. Blackmore painted all throughout her childhood and now uses acrylic paints and natural wood grain to put a whimsical spin on the old west that inspired her.

Mae Blackmore has been painting in Sonoma County for 12 years and has studied art at the Santa Rosa Junior College. She currently lives and works in Santa Rosa, California and continues to paint.

Cece Fransson


A native of Sweden, Fransson was raised on a farm for all of her youth years... possibly it was this frequent exposure to the natural world that assisted in developing her keen observations of things around her... later she resided within the contrasting world of urban Stockholm before coming to the United States fourteen years ago.

Indeed these starkly contrasting experiences in her life find a home within her contemporary imagery and the capturing of non-cliche stories and moments of her past and present. Furthermore the use of natural wood as a base surface and embracing the irregularities of nature therewith, allows Fransson to combine eras... technologies.. and promotes the viewer's trip down memory lane without kitsch or redundancy.

Reuel Kaplan


Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, I find myself drawn to images that evoke beauty in imperfection and which accept the natural cycle of birth, decay, and death.

Photography in one form or another has been at the forefront of my creative life for as long as I can remember. I was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa then moved to Johannesburg where I began my photographic career in professional equipment sales, advancing thereafter into advertising and editorial photo assignments. By the time I emigrated to to the United States in 1978, and took up residence in Chicago, I had been working as a freelance photo journalist and over the emerging years in my adopted homeland I evolved into a public-relations film maker and producer.

Cat Kaufman


The artistic impulse of Cat Kaufman portrays the push and pull between narrative concepts, found objects and restricted abstract surfaces. She uses everyday artifacts to comment on the ironic nature of the human condition and to elicit an emotional response to the piece.

Objects are the constant. Their manipulation into assemblage or sculptural impressions creates the narrative. Interplay of materials, textures and surfaces convey emotion as well as objects. Metal is strength, yet rust is vulnerable. Wood is both nature and manufacture. Plastic is abhorrence and reminiscence. The surface treatment, placement and relationships between items determine the emotional response.

Richard Ciccarelli


I was first exposed to painting by my paternal grandfather, and I began to draw comic books and illustrated adventure stories on the backs of my father’s prescription pads as a young boy. I did my first oil paintings as a teenager, mostly imaginative images, but also some of the surrounding New England countryside. I continued to paint in college, and traveled widely after graduating, working and painting in Europe and then in my wanderings back and forth across the United States.

My migrations slowed in the mid-80’s and I set up a studio in San Francisco for 9 years and then in New York City for an equal length of time before moving back to California. I currently live and work in Sonoma County, California.

Mary Vaughan


Mary Vaughan is an abstract painter whose work exudes a strong painterly quality and a fascination with nature, land forms and earth entities. Vaughan strives to evoke things beyond the obvious with visual metaphor.

From her Eco-abstracts based on the intuitive impulse of nature to her Bio-tiques whereby Vaughan combines the biotic world with antique or vintage panels, this artist finds unique ways to bring the past of the traditional into the contemporary.

Vaughan holds an MA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the Maine College of Art in Portland. She has worked as a full time painter in Santa Rosa, California since 2001. See her website for additional information and ongoing work. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of her work, contact the artist directly by phone or email.

707 508 9196