Bill’s Typical Tuesday

It’s almost 10 pm and after spending all day talking with folks at Locals the wine is half gone (a Foggy Valley Pinot Noir from Locals).  Cindy Lauper on the stereo belts out “At Last”, and the candles dwindle to flickering lights that cast a warm glow over a table strewn with the remains of a fresh crab dinner.   Life in Wine Country, laughing on the dock with the fishermen, picking out fresh crabs from Bodega Bay, stopping at the Wildflower bakery in Freestone on the way back, to find just the right bread to soak up the garlic and butter sauce from the Crab dish, all a part of Sonoma living.  The kind of dinner where you just sit back and laugh with your friends, eat, talk and drink some great wines.   Fog drifts up the river, birds sing their night songs and I retire to the deck to finish the Foggy Valley Pinot.  Night All. See you next Tuesday.

Hi...this is Carolyn...and I agree with Bill that the current vintage of the Foggy Valley is our best yet!  Give us a call in the tasting room  at 707-857-4900, and we can tell you all about how it is tasting to us. Then based on your palate we will tell you wether we think you will enjoy it also.

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