Dia de los Muertos (DAY OF THE DEAD)

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated on October 31-November 2 of each year, is a celebration in honor to women, men and children who have passed away, this a tradition that has roots nearly 4000 years old.

Dia de los muertos expresses the beauty and mystery of life and death. For many, it is a time of partying and celebration; for others, it is a time of introspection. At its most potent, it is a balanced blend of the two.

Traditionally, every family in Mexico builds an altar in honor of their deceased loved ones, people make an effort to lay out the best ofrenda (altar), they can afford, consisting of things the dead person enjoyed while s/he was alive, traditional stuff like alfeñiques which are sugar cane figures with skull designs, flowers, candles, favorite food and special drinks, Tequila of course, but wine too, like the bottle of Rioja red wine that I used to put for my grandpa.


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