Friday Night Fun

It’s a warm Friday evening in Cloverdale, and some friends and I are brainstorming up a game plan for the night. In the distance the smell of BBQ beckons to me as it wafts through the house. We elect to head downtown and check out Friday Night Live for a change of pace. As we walk by Pick’s Drive-In, I can see the street blocked off to traffic and hundreds of people swarming around the local eateries stands, talking dancing and gorging themselves on all kinds of tasty delights. We locate the Hamburger Ranch stand for dinner; two sandwiches feed the four of us, a welcome surprise and a delicious experience. After clearing our table we walk a few feet over to the front of the stage and begin clumsy dancing to the live salsa music. Before I know the band is done and it’s 10:30pm, we find a place to watch the band pack up as finish our drinks and wait out the exit rush. I am happy to say that the music, food, drinks and vibes were all god. We will definitely be coming back next Friday for more.

By Spencer.

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