Got Coffee?

When starting off your day of wine tasting, getting a good jump on the day is important. I think a good cup of coffee can help shape your day from being tired and dreary in the morning to be full of energy and ready to face the day. Depending on where your day starts gives you many options for an amazing cup of local joe.

lStarting up in Cloverdale, the coffee shop Plank is the coolest place to go. Located at 227 N Cloverdale Blvd, this small little coffee shop has a large selection of coffee and tea drinks with gluten and vegan pastry options in lovely glass containers. With nice cushy seating and earthy tones covering the walls, this coffee shop right in the heart of Cloverdale is a great place to people watch in the morning in a small town not overloaded with tourists.

lHere in Geyserville is our beloved Geyserville Mud. Most of you know this place as our local café we love to send people to. They have a full selection of coffee drinks hot and cold, with pastries from Cousteax bakery down in Healdsburg. During the weekend they have a hot breakfast with specialties like Bourbon French toast to fill your belly. This is also the only coffee shop on this list where you also grab a pint of beer from on tap and a freshly made sandwich.

For Healdsburg the best kept secret is The Flying Goat. The reason I say secret is that there are actually two locations, for different coffee needs. The main Flying Goat is right off lthe square next to Powell’s sweet shop. This is the main location and the best place to rub elbows with the locals, people watch, or just enjoy the morning paper. They have house made pastries and breads for a quick nibble as well. Right down the road about a block located in a shopping center is the other Flying Goat. This is the place for if you just want to run in and grab a cup, or have a quiet moment to yourself. They have a limited selection of pastries from the main location, but the same coffee brand. Even house made treats for your dog!

Down in Winldsor is an old favorite of mine, Café Noto. Right on the square in the middle of downtown Windsor, this coffee shop is great for the artsy colorful feel of a European coffee shop. With a great outdoor seating area this coffee shop has amazing ambiance. They usually have a fun local artist present their work in the shop. Their coffee is on the lighter side of roasted, leaving a creamy mouth feel. They have an amazing selection of quiches, hot breakfast sandwiches, and pastries to fill your every need.

Where is your favorite place to get coffee in Sonoma County?

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