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2009_vignobles_copyLife is short they say but it does not have to be empty of emotions, void of great food and wine or lonely.   Last night I took a glass of the Vignobles down to the river.  The 2009 Vignobles from Peterson Winery has long been my favorite but I am transitioning to the NEW 2011 Vignobles.  This is a Rhone style wine 54% Petite Syrah, 27% Carignane, 10% Syrah and 9% Zinfandel.  Smooth, full mouthed and peppery.  It kind of warms you on the way down like a great brandy does.  I love this wine.   As I sat there watching the river, and observing a Heron as it patiently stood waiting for the frog or small fish to pass I listened to  the wind in the trees and was reminded of how peaceful the world can be when we stop to listen.  Watching the fading sunlight reflect on the passing current and breathing in that deep Red Wood smell I settled into my chair and was alone with my thoughts.  Friends came to mind and how much they mean to me.  I was reminded of how some have stood by me in some very tough times and watched over me as I worked through the losses that sometimes come in life.  I rolled the peppery goodness of the Vignobles over my tongue and was struck with the idea of sending a “thank you, I love you” bottle of wine to my friends up on Vashon Island.   How about you?  Got that special friend out there somewhere?  How about calling us at Locals today and we can arrange a great two bottle gift sent to them with a “You are the Best” message from you.  Cheers.


Bill Caurthers

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