Locals On The Road

Locals On The RoadFor over 17 years, the only way to enjoy the unique experience that is Locals, was to travel to Geyserville, chat with Carolyn and her staff (or one of the oft-present winemakers) and have one of them introduce you to recent additions to the room and reacquaint you with old favorites. As much as we love to see you at Locals, we have, for many years, looked for ways to bring Locals to you. Thus, the development of Locals On The Road (“LOTR”).

LOTR is designed to give you and your guests an authentic Locals experience in your home or venue of choice. The goal is to, with your input, develop a fun, exciting and customized event just for you and your guests. You’ll know everyone and be able to schedule a fun and entertaining party and introduce your guests to some spectacular and hard to find wines.

And experience has borne out that these LOTR events are great! Just like Locals, but more intimate and flexible to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience.

And, as always, tasting is free to all, though we certainly hope you find some wines you like and would want to enjoy again.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a LOTR event send us an email or call so we can discuss any questions or requirements you may have.

Below, you will find some basic Q&A about a typical LOTR event. Use this guidance to create your own Locals experience for your friends.

Whom do I invite?

You are already a big fan of Locals. Hosting a Locals On The Road (LOTR) event in your home is a way for you to share with your friends what you have experienced as a member of our wine club (and in our tasting room).

Invite people over 21 years of age who you know appreciate wine, enjoy unique experiences, are looking to buy wine and will be open to joining one of our wine clubs.

What will LOCALS bring/do?
  1. Carolyn or one of her well-trained Enablers will bring their many years of experience to amaze your guests!
  2. We will provide the important tools of the trade: glassware, corkscrews, etc.
  3. We will bring the wine! You know from having been to Locals Tasting Room that we pour many wines. Logistics make it impossible to bring the 60 to 70 wines that we pour every day in the room. However, you can be sure that we will bring a large selection to provide your guests with a memorable experience tasting and comparing and contrasting wines.
What do I need to do?
  1. Create an appropriate guest list. In our experience 20 to 30 guests are best. Couples and/or teams make comparative tasting even more fun.
  2. Plan the event for a time when you can host for 3-4 hours including an hour for us to chill wines, set-up, and uncork. Schedule a specific start time for the formal tasting. This works MUCH better than an open-ended “drop in” party. The pouring will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
  3. Provide appropriate hors d’oeuvres, crackers, snacks as you usually would for such a party in your home. If you would like to do some specific pairings, just consult with us as the time draws near.
What will this event look like?
  1. Locals on the Road is set up very much like when you come in to taste through wines at the tasting room. We will pour wines in an appropriate tasting order. When there is an opportunity for guests to compare or contrast wines or have an educational experience regarding a particular wine or region, we will certainly do so. As you know from being a part of what we do at Locals, you know that this is definitely not a stuffy wine experience. We are, by nature, down to earth and enjoy making your experience entertaining!
  2. The main difference from the tasting room is that alcoholic beverage laws prohibit us from selling wine in your home. However, we will have order forms available and will reach out the following day to any of your guests who wish to make a purchase. We will also encourage folks to join the wine clubs and will take signups at the tasting.
Time to go home?

What happens when the formal presentation is over?

  1. We will make sure we have all orders and club forms from your guests.
  2. We will clean up all our glassware and make sure empty bottles are recycled.
  3. It is definitely not our intention to cut your party short if you would like to continue to entertain and socialize. We will help make the transition easy for you.
  4. To thank you for hosting us, you can be sure to expect a lovely “parting gift “.
What’s next?

Be sure to follow up with us at Locals Tasting Room. We would be happy to answer any questions. We would be even happier to schedule the event and put it on the calendar! Call us at 707-857-4900 or email at localstastingroom@gmail.com

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