So my sister asked me to think of a recipe that she could pair a wine with that really speaks to summer.

The answer came to me quite easily because here in the south nothing speaks to summer like corn and tomatoes. I don't know if this is really a tradition of Southern origin but I have been told that it is. But I've given it a bit of sophistication as it travels to California.

In Virginia you would find this dish in its simplest form on the back of a flatbed truck after church on Sunday. It would be one of may dishes. Biscuits and ham. Egg salad. Sometimes even a jello mold if tradition is really taking the fore. But enough. The star of the show would be tomatos topped with a mound of sweet corn. But here is how I envision the recipe brought to California:

Shuck the corn and baste it with a little choice California Olive Oil
Grill the corn. Ideally over charcoal but gas is ok, until the kernels begin to char (that's what brings the sweetness out.)

The tomatoes - leave them alone - if its summer and they're good (which is the only time to make this dish) they will easily stand on their own two feet. Set them in the sun for a little while and then slice thickly.

Once the charred corn has cooled, cut it from the cob with a sharp knife into a deep bowl. Season the corn - go for it - salt, pepper, olive oil (good stuff) maybe a little finely chopped basil.

Mound the corn on the slices of tomato

Here's what I would do to make the dish complete. Get some rustic fresh bread. Slice thickly and brush with olive oil and grill. Serve with the tomatoes and corn. Maybe add a fresh mozzarella to the mix

What more could you ask of summer - except a delicious wine pairing to come from my sister

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