Shoes at Locals

You're deep in your reverie. What a find! You're sipping some of the best wines you've tasted in ages. Free tastes!!!!!!! Over seventy bottles from ten amazing small production winemakers. Looking up you see one of the coolest curated selection of shoes, yes shoes, you've seen in a long time, along with other carefully selected ephemera. You're in vintage heaven. Are you in a vintage boutique in lower Manhattan? Did you stumble across a find in a San Francisco side street or are you at Locals tasting room in Geyserville ........ wait a second, Geyserville? That snaps you out of your reverie. But then you realize you've really have stumbled across something special. And it's Locals.

The free tastes are for real - all seventy of them. There's great music playing, a relaxed vibe and a fun crowd. You breath a happy sigh of relief. It's going to be ok. Actually better than ok. Look around and your eyes come to rest on familiar names: Prada, Cole Haan, Manolo Blahnik. Beautiful leather, great colors, evening shoes, sparkling shoes. Then you see matching handbags. Hard-to-find shirts. Oh and there are vintage sneakers! Old school converse high tops. And cowboy boots, and wigs, and awesome hats, and, and, and, and

It's no surprise that Locals was recently recognized by Sonoma Magazine as one of the best Vintage shops in Sonoma County. In addition to being one of the must visit tasting rooms in the region, Locals also has a collection of curated vintage cloths and to drool over. What could be better. Visit Locals and come home wearing new shoes and bringing a bottle of wine to celebrate your find.


-Written by Robert Lewis

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