Thousands Throng To Downtown Geyserville

Earlier this year we were almost into the Spring before any measurable precipitation fell. The recalcitrant high pressure ridge sitting off the West coast for 13 months had growers predicting dire yields, indeed it was imminent that irrigation would no longer be feasible for acres and acres of vineyards all over the region. Come the season for giving thanks we’re deeply grateful and relieved for what appears to be a more traditional Northern California weather pattern. Rain, rain and more rain has never been more welcome.

The good burghers of our little village scheduled the mondo Geyservillian Christmas shindig that is the “Christmas Tree Lighting and Tractor Parade” for the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and why postpone party season?). Despite warnings of a heavy storm crowds came from far and wide, lining Geyserville Avenue three and four deep to witness the spectacle of large decorated farm equipment, fairy lights, diesel particulate, and illuminated inflatable reindeer. It really is a fun event—kids, klaxons, whooping and hollering, whistling and general good cheer. Visitors looking for parking had to walk almost a mile into town.

Mercifully the weather held and a good time was had by all—Diavola was packed from 4:00PM on and still found time to serve hot dogs up in the Oddfellows Hall above; Catelli’s had more than 400 covers; and the Locals faithful enjoyed wine by the glass into the evening.

Yet more merciful, as I write the rain is bucketing down again, the Mayacama mountains are lush and green and snow is piling deep in the Sierras.

Happy Holidays to All!

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