Welcome to Summer!

EricRossStruttinRedRosé flows like water and lean white wines are all the rage. But sometimes, you crave something bigger, fuller and a bit more comforting - you need a red that is perfect for the season and delicious with food. Well, to satisfy those red cravings, here are two!

Eric Ross Struttin Red:

This would be my pick for an easy bbq red wine. It will go perfectly with grilled meats and vegetables and won't overpower the lighter items on the menu like salads and other seasonal sides. The wine exhibits flavors like juicy cherries and a savory finish with a bit f locorice. It's a light-medium body with a lot of bright flavors. Nothing about this wine is overwrought or too much, making it the perfect easy-drinking summer red. I'd even try it with a bit of a chill for those hot days. The fruity aspects of the grenache can take it and enhance the flavor on a summer day!

Peterson Winery Zinfandel

PetefrsonZinfandel2009smallIf you find yourself with an unseasonably cool, rainy day, or a night that could use a campfire, pop the cork on this bottle. You'll taste the immediately comforting currant, plum, and berries but with none of the heaviness often associated with old vine zinfandel. Instead, you'll taste a lighter expression that has a certain tartness to the finish. Rich and smooth without being overbearing, this wine would be perfect as you look forward to the cooler days of fall, or ward off a summer evening chill. A great red to carry you long into the cool days of autumn.

Caitlin Crosbie Doonan

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