This place is amazing! It’s one of those friendly, everyone’s happy and in a good mood places.

Excellent variety with great wines. Carolyn knows her stuff, she took the extra time to answer all our questions. We stopped at a few places and by far this one is our favorite. We will bring more friends for future visits! Thank you, Carolyn.

Joshua J. on Yelp

Santa Rosa, CA

Highly Recommended

My wife and I were doing a bike loop from Healdsburg and were fortunate to discover Locals! They provide tastings for small wineries located throughout Sonoma and are definitely worth a visit. Patrick was our host and after inquiring about our individual tastes he provided a tailored tasting comparing and contrasting various regional wines. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided a delightful experience! We also enjoyed meeting the owner. If you have a chance check it out and also ask about their wine club. You won’t be disappointed!

Robert V on Trip Advisor

Clemmons, North Carolina

Guys, you’ve got to join their wine club.

Carolyn’s picks never disappoint! This has become one of our favorite tasting places in Sonoma Co. and we are buying most of our wine from them nowadays. Affordable, delicious and a fun place to visit. After tasting you can swing by Diavola’s for a delicious pizza.

FairAndSquare N. on Yelp

Santa Rosa, CA

Great fun…we tried to taste them all.

We drove up from Healdsburg for a day of tasting—with a designated driver–to Geyrserville, an old-fashioned country town where the gentrifiers appear not to be too active.

The Locals tasting room is a place where there are many different wines to taste.

Patrick, the host, led us through about forty different ones from 15 or so wineries. We put together a varied case to be shipped home to DC where we live. Among the fun things is you might get chance to do is enjoying the company of a local winery owner and his daughter. She had been involved in another of our interests cheese: Cow Girl Creamery which had a store on F Street in Washington, DC, many years ago. We are looking forward to tasting Dick Handel’s sagrantino wine–it grows in Umbria and on five acres in California. Those are its only homes!


Lanxlad on Trip Advisor

Washington DC

Carolyn’s taste in wine is unrivaled, and I am happy that her tastes are channeled through a venue such as Locals so that we can all have the experience of sharing her palate.

I was recently in town for a weekend from the East Coast and tasted, hands down, the best assortment of red choices I’ve ever experienced in one sitting. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, as well as honest I was immediately sold on the wine club, which she picks, and am very much looking forward to getting her shipments.

Laura S. on Yelp

Washington, DC

Excellent source for smaller, boutique wines

I purposely sought this place out and am glad I did.

This is a really need place to check out, which allows you to try from various smaller boutique wineries that you likely wouldn’t have the chance to try otherwise. Seems locals mainly visit here, but also I’d recommend a visit here if you’re strapped for time (which let’s be honest, there’s never enough time if you’re on holiday).

In any case, the staff know their stuff about the numerous wines (of which there are a lot!) with styles and prices ranging from entry level to premium. There’s bound to be something at your price-point.

So yes, if visiting Sonoma, make sure to stop here if you’re into smaller boutique, terroir driven wines.

Iceblueshoes on Trip Advisor

Toronto, Canada

If you haven’t been, it is a must when visiting Geyserville!

I have been going to Local’s for years and a Wine Club Member for almost as long.

It is a unique place! The people that work there and the owners, Carolyn, are all very friendly and want to showcase every wine. They explain each one and doing tastings in threes – able to taste 3 Zins side by side from different wineries.

There are usually some nibbles off to the side to try and the shop itself is full of fun wine-related gifts.

Terry C. on Yelp

San Francisco, CA

Great experience

We came looking for a winery that is no longer there….Carolyn invited us in and it just went from there.

Patrick poured some great wines for us and then we also met Enzo Torano, winemaker, and fell in love with his wines. I had never EVER bought a Syrah….being a fan of cabs and blends. Neither would I normally spend more than 30-35 dollars. And there you have it, I just did!

Great service. Great wines. You will find your favorite guaranteed.

Thank you again guys!

Dasha and Curtis.

dasenkaharykova on Trip Advisor

San Jose, California

This little tasting room was one of the high points of our wine tasting adventure.

We were visiting another winery earlier that afternoon and they recommended Locals for our next stop. What a fantastic find!

We were welcomed immediately and were expertly guided through their mind-boggling large selection of wines. (I believe they had 71 available for tasting!) I loved the idea of a tasting room for small local wineries and it was everything I could have hoped for.

I really enjoyed being able to taste from a selection of wineries, rather than just being given a flight of 2 whites, 2 reds and a dessert wine. Here for example, you can taste 4 or 5 versions of a Cabernet Sauvignon and be able to directly compare each one.

Carolyn was not only fun and informative to talk with, but she helped us keep track of our likes and dislikes throughout our tasting and never once made us feel rushed, even though we were there well past closing time.

Their wine club is a excellent deal and gives a very generous discount on purchases. Overall, it was a very memorable experience and I highly recommend Locals.

Valentine L. on Yelp

Austin, TX

Locals is an awesome place! One of our favorites in the entire wine country!

We met Carolyn (the owner) at a wine tasting at the Hotel Healdsburg years ago when she was first opening Locals. We were impressed then, and continue to be impressed today, with her ability to identify great, small producers of wine. We joined her wine club then and have been members ever since. Over the years, we’ve shared wines with friends and several have joined the club as a result. She can also recommend some great new places to try.

The experience at her store in Geyserville is always a treat. We come out every year from Houston and make sure we stop in to find the latest “gems”. There is an amazing amount of wines (pace yourself!) to sample and she usually has some great local art to view as well. We especially like the limited crowds in Geyserville and there are some great local restaurants within walking distance.

Locals is a great place and is definitely worth the trip up north. You’ll be glad you made the effort!

Kip Z. on Yelp

Houston, TX

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED~ Great tasting room especially for off the beaten track wineries!

This is a tasting room for many wineries, all local to the area. The staff works for the tasting room and is knowledgeable about all the wines they offer, and there is a seemingly unlimited amount to choose from.

We were there during barrel tasting time, but there were no open barrels here (thankfully). We sampled approx 15 wines and between the other couple with whom we were travelling and us, we found over a dozen bottles to take home.

ashebroe on Trip Advisor

Walnut, California

Totally as good as it gets.

The model has been covered in detail in the other reviews, so I’ll skip all that. There’s always too many places to go when you’re up in Sonoma and not enough time to get your tipsy self to and fro. However, Locals is all about efficiency. They pick some of the greatest local wineries that are too little (or aren’t interested) in having their own tasting rooms and showcase them all for your convenience. Carolyn is as sweet as can be and can give you plenty of local tips to fill the rest of your day with fantastic stops.

Kelly M. on Yelp

New York, NY

Wine tasting as it was meant to be

Locals is a great place to learn more about wine and figure out what you like, not just determine if you like what’s available. With an amazing range from Sauvignon Blancs through Chardonnays, Pinots, Bordeaux, Rhones, Cabs plus many more, it’s a tour of all wine has to offer so you can decide what you want to focus on. They also have a wine club to bring that amazing variety right to your door.

Jill W on Trip Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Locals Wine Club