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In May of 2002, Locals opened its doors as the first independently owned collective tasting room in California. Today Locals features over 70 different wines from 10 unique award-winning wineries and has become a preferred stop for a new generation of wine lovers.

Locals is uniquely able to offer flight tastings allowing you to parallel taste 5 pinots or 6 Zinfandels, for example, all made by different local winemakers. The experience is not only fun, but also allows you to determine the particular preferences of your palate. In one relaxing and spirited stop, you can learn more than you usually would in an entire wine country vacation. At Locals you do not have to try to remember the Zin your tried an hour ago and how it might compare to the one you are tasting. You get to do what the experts do – try wines side-by-side to find the perfect wine to take home and share with your friends. And you are not just comparing one winery’s offerings. You will be tasting wines from wineries carefully selected by Carolyn, Locals owner, to show you the best the Russian River Valley has to offer. Many of these wineries do not even have their own tasting rooms. Locals is where you find them!

And Locals offers much more to enhance your tasting experience. One day you may find a wine maker pouring his own wines. Another day …… Listen to great music, find good conversation and relax and enjoy yourself. This is what the tasting experience should be!

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