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Locals Wine Club:

Our goal is to surprise you with a selection of wines that we’ve chosen from our vast collection.

    • No Joining Fee
    • 4 different clubs to choose from
    • Instant club discount on any purchase at sign-up
    • Food and wine pairing suggestions
    • Special club pick up parties and events

3 Bottle Club

Three times a year you’ll receive an assortment of 3 bottles of wine.  Your choice: all reds, mixed, or pinks/whites at a 15% discount.  You can pick up your wines or have them shipped.  May, September & December

6 Bottle Club

Four times a year you’ll receive an assortment of 6 bottles of wine.  Your choice of mostly red or mixed at a 20% discount.  You can pick up your wines or have them shipped.  March, May, September, November

 Case Clubs:

1 Case Club: Twice a year you’ll receive 1 case of hand-selected wines at a 20% discount and shipped to you in May and November.

2 Case Club: Twice a year you’ll receive 2 cases of hand-selected wines at a 20% discount and shipped to you in May and November.

Both clubs include newsletter, recipes, tech sheets and during the 45-day period from the club release date, you save an additional 5% on the club wines currently on offer.

You can also Give the Gift of Locals, the Wine Club with a difference!

When you’re thinking about a gift for a special occasion, consider giving the gift of Locals! A Locals Club membership is the perfect gift for your wine-loving friends, family, and clients. Imagine how much they’ll enjoy receiving wines specially selected to represent the best our wineries have to offer! And, we’ve made giving the gift of Locals easy. Simply fill out the form and we’ll do the rest for you.

If you’d like, we’d be glad to send the gift recipient a Locals postcard, with a personalized message of your choice. Or, we can send you a Locals card, so that you can add your message and deliver it in person. The various Locals Clubs are described above. Your one-year gift will start with the first Club selections sent, after we receive and process your gift request.

We believe a Locals Club membership is the perfect gift, and we trust you will too.

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    3 BOTTLE CLUB: 125 plus shipping
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    12 BOTTLE CLUB: $450 plus shipping
    24 BOTTLE CLUB: Never More Than You Can Afford


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